Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Adventures in Democracy

Wal has yet, at nearly 23, to successfully vote.

It's not for lack of trying. During college (for which he was out of state), he registered at least twice, to no avail. I've heard the horror stories about people of a certain persuasion "losing" the big batches of registrations from college kids, but I think that's very unfair. We have identified the problem...

Good God, people. We moved in May. I registered online to have the forms (for change of address and new registration) sent to us. We sent them in like good little kiddies. In MAY. No response. Months go by. I call - during their tiny business hours. (I wait on hold.) My status is pending. They confirm my info. A card will be sent to me.

Three weeks pass.

I call again. About that card...? Oh, I'm still pending. I missed this mailing of cards (hence, this local election?) They can't send them out individually. They've fixed it now. Someone entered the information wrong, but now they have me ALL set. Definitely.

Oh, yeah, reassuring. Exactly what was said the last time wasn't fixed. I'll be checking up on you chuckle-heads.

Wal calls. He was also pending. They told him he's fixed now.

Why were we 0 for 2 on this? We even had different situations - I'm only changing from the county from the city, and he did it as a new registration. We live in an apartment, which I guess could seem weird, maybe they have other people with that address.'s an apartment. That's...what happens with renting.

I'm sure I'll be on the phone with these guys again.

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