Saturday, October 27, 2007

Answer the phone - I know that you're home...

Upon moving into my second apartment (where we live now), I was very disheartened to discover that the phone number I received was also one turned off because the bills weren't paid (or, optimistically, changed to avoid creditors).

This one is actually even worse, because calls from collectors for people I've never heard of are amusing, if sometimes harrassing, but what really breaks my heart?

This woman has a daughter, who apparently had been getting special treatment (it sounded like from a social worker...?) and they now have no way of continuing it (proven by them calling me). We also get calls about their health insurance. I hope that wherever they are, they found something better or moved in with someone who can help them, rather than having to run scarred, or worse, having been beaten by ... life.

We got a call at 7 AM today - Saturday. No message. (Only two people we know call us on the apartment line.)

--Real post forthcoming. The subject of said post is what's been occupying me all week.--

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