Saturday, October 20, 2007

...for just one day?

I have been consuming back episodes of TV shows at a pleasingly fast rate (INSTANT GRATIFICATION, YAY), thanks to the wonderful free-to-subcribers Netflix Instant Watching and the not-as-legal, equally-as-free website my sister showed me (omgomgomg yay).

I've been tracking my opinions on the shows for several reasons:
1) so that Wal is not totally driven insane by my commentary on things he is not following
2) because I can
3) so that I remember
4) in the hopes that he will allow me to show him one or two eps from shows that I like, in order to summarize them for him, etc.

They are not really full reviews so much as my notes and responses to what happens, or reminders to myself as to why I cared about watching it. I apologize for spoilers, but didn't really make an effort not to have any. Hopefully it won't ruin anything for anyone, but if you're that guy, back away slowly.

What follows is my response to Heroes.


The hype and uberfans all over the internet made me interested, as did the initial previews before the series premiered. I watched the first three eps of the second season on TV, and decided I should go ahead and catch myself up. Doing it that way took a little bit of the fun out of it (oh, these 80 characters live on until the second season), but I’d rather spoil a bit of the surprise for myself than be obsessed, with my ass kicked by every cheesy cliffhanger commercial break and “to be continued…”

I found by far the worst thing about the show to be its format. The “soap opera” style means that they spend a lot of time repeating what happened – last week, several eps ago, just before commercial break – or, worse, rediscovering (for like, the fifth time), what the audience and some characters already know. My nomination for worst ep (below) is the one in which there is only one piece of new plot material (regarding Molly, who at that point you haven’t seen in something like 12 episodes). That’s so completely ridiculous, I couldn’t deal. Good thing it was so close to the end. I didn’t include detailed dissections of each character, but only some highlights. I could go into detail about how Claire only has two “acting” emotions, or how Ali Larter should never be cast in anything ever, but those of you who watch the show already KNOW all that.

I’m undecided on whether I will continue to watch the series as it airs, or avoid it and catch up on it as the mood strikes. Probably the latter. I have satisfied myself enough to be able to largely dismiss the fangirling all over LJ now, and that’s what’s really important.

Pleasant Surprises
--How often I can call what will happen (Peter! You can heal yourself!)
--Nora Zehetner (Yay. I heart her to the max.)
--Charlie! Aww. She’s my favorite.
--Peter with 90s hair. (omgomgomg)

--How often I can call what will happen (Just type “Shanti,” you idiot!)
--Peter with 2000’s hair.
--A bunch of the things I thought were cool…were stolen from Star Trek.

Favorite Episodes:
“Seven minutes til midnight” (Do I only like it because there is no Nikki?)
“Six Months Ago” (awww, Charlie and Hiro!)

Least Favorite Episode:
“The Hard Part” – How did they manage to have an entire ep where NOTHING new happened?
P.S. I amused myself by singing "...for just one day" after the super cheesy line "we can be heroes" actually occurred in the show. Wal was less amused, what with no context, since I was listening on headphones. ...I rule.

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