Saturday, October 6, 2007

"His name rhymes with Super-duper!"

Last night was another adventure in parties for the asocial. Wal and I hosted a game night for friends.

We've had friends over to play games before - there are two couples, an engineer friend, and his brother - who are a sure thing. Usually we don't end up with more than 5 or so people over, though. Last night we packed 11 into our apartment, which I would very generously call "small." We don't have 11 chairs, no matter how you slice it, but everyone was pretty cool about that.

The game night was Wal's idea - he has always had an interest in games, many times creating his own. Recently he researched more about the best of the types that he likes, and ultimately ended up buying 9 new board games. NICE. He made friends with a guy who owns a game store, which is nice, moneywise, and also for the excellent recommendations.

We ordered Indian take-out (since Wal and I and a few others hadn't eaten) with plenty of appetizers for everyone to snack on. The food was decent, and it seemed to go over pretty well, but we will plan it a little better with regards to group size and expense in the future. Worth it this time, though.

To introduce everyone (since most did not know each other, for extra social awkward-itude), we played what is undoubtably my favorite game to play: Reel Clues. (P.S. - rules) I really enjoy it - the trivia is an excellent level, which is to say, not super easy, not too elitist. There are movies I don't know, but most people don't end up being frustrated with the difficulty. Five question types give the variety that was so enjoyable about Cranium; I like to call them (1) guess the movie from the clues, (2) Taboo, (3) Pictionary, (4) impressions (isn't there a game for that?), and (5) "one of these things is not like the others." It's next to impossible to do an impression of someone you don't know, so we play with "lifelines" on those (getting help from neutral teams, trying a different card, etc) to reduce game anger.

After that, we split up into smaller groups (very easily, actually) to play Blokus, Hive, and several other of Brian's picks. It worked out so that I could easily skip out for a bit and clean up after the Indian food - I was pretty grateful later when I pooped out.

As the evening wound on, the stragglers played Taboo with me (as silly as it always is...I did as many "musical clues" as I could muster, much to Wal's dismay, I'm sure), and Wal and his brother played the new game he put together. I've had fun playing it, perhaps more about that at a later date (or as he allows).

I had fun. Now back to watching My So-Called Life.

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Walrus said...

Reel Clues is definitely my favorite trivia game. Perfect for movie freaks like us.

My ratings of the game-night features so far:
Reel Clues - 9.5
Blockus - 8.5
Hive - 7.5
Ingenious - 6.5
Puerto Rico - ?
Carcassonne - 8
Twixt - 5.5
Settlers of Catan - 8.5
Backwords - 4
Scattergories - 7.5
Mario Party 8 - 8.5

I'm pretty proud of InRoads (my homemade game). I'd love to get some more play testing in.