Sunday, October 14, 2007


Food is sometimes a touchy issue with me, but at any rate, I can definitely tell you that I don't consistenly get enough vitamins/nutrients/other good stuff. I'm trying to work on that, and one of the more enjoyable ways is with juices. I'm not a freak for this stuff, and I'm not always in the mood for it. I've been sampling one that looks good/interesting each time I shope, so that I can get a survey of what's out there.

My standby is Florida's Natural with calcium and vitamin D. It's nice in the morning, especially if it's a no-milk morning, for the calcium. I find it perfect and delicious (no pulp, hurrah!), if a little bit thick. This always seems to run me like, $3.50 for the big cartons, if memory serves. That's a lot of juice, often more than I can finish before we're into "sketchy" territory.

My first omg-this-looks-crazy-must-try-it was POM Juice - Blueberry and Pomegranate, 100% juice(Image from It's a "medium" size bottle, as far as juices go, for nearly $4. Expensive, but on the other hand, they let me do the watering down myself, according to my preferences. (I wonder if that's what the intend, but that's what happened, anyway.) It was very tangy - as I expected from the dark purple liquid...I drank it in our "alchemy" glasses, which was a perfect fit. The taste was enjoyable, but pretty overwhelming to have with other food. I probably won't buy this specific one again, unless I need it for a very specific purpose.

My next and most successful trial thus far was First Blush - Rose (Image: . I think it ran me about $3 for 16oz, but oh my GOD, it was totally worth it. It's sweet, but not sugary, and for being 100% juice, it was not overly sweet or tangy or thick. The flavor is delicate and perfect; Lyra described it as "floral." She was a big fan, although it did not meet Wal's unreasonably picky tastes. Highly recommended. I can't wait to try the other flavors.

The one I'm sipping as I write this is Knudsen Family Cranberry-Blueberry. (Image from This is almost half as expensive as the the First Blush and Pom, with an equal price for a 32 oz bottle. It's actually got a base of apple juice, in addition to the two named flavors. It's a lot closer to what I was used to as a kid (all those random Oceanspray mixes, applejuice, whitegrape), but pretty tasty. I actually did end up watering it down a little, but enjoyed drinking it.

The sugar/calories were comparable on most of the above, which is to say, still about the same is drinking a non-diet soda. Most of them touted antioxidants, and First Blush was very excited about having anti-cancer stuff. So far, I would come back to First Blush for the taste, and the health benefits are just a bonus. I would use POM when I need its distinct flavor (maybe in a dessert?), and the Knudsen juice didn't impress me above the usual apple or cranberry (oh, it's organic, big deal). The fortified OJ is already a staple because of the fruit + calcium angle, and the juice is enjoyable enough to sustain that.

Next up is an Odwalla, so that should be interesting.

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