Monday, October 15, 2007

Status update

Today, all day, I've been basking in satisfaction. Things are going pretty well, in many respects. I had a lovely relaxing weekend with Wal - several movies (of course), including the fun Buster Keaton feature "Steamboat Bill, Jr." and the surprisingly-not-crappy-in-parts "Go" - disc golf, delicious baked Ziti, and some shopping with Lyra.

Even though it's not as though things are particularly better than normal, I just got to enjoy it all a lot more today. With the exception of BadCat getting her naughty on a little too much with our videogame cords, this was a nice, relaxing (and productive!) evening as well, and there's still time to fit in a movie.

Soon to come, a post on credit cards for Wal's sister and my old roommate, and a walkthrough of setting up our Roth IRAs (easy!)

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