Friday, November 9, 2007

Don't be that guy.

So much for locational anonymity, but:

Last night began the St. Louis International Film Festival. I was beyond excited to see Honeydripper, the new movie by John Sayles that he and his producer partner are taking to the festivals. I'm sure Film Walrus will offer a review of it as part of his festival coverage, and I will probably contribute there, so I won't cover it in detail here.

Although I have not seen all of his movies (...there are a lot, and some not so easily available), and not every one has been a hit with me, he has had many very strong movies that I really get behind. Lonestar and City of Hope especially had a lot to say, but managed it beautifully.

He had a Q&A after the movie, and did mention what is already evident in his films - that he wants to explore "cultures," and that he's all about the stories. It was enjoyable to sit in on, with the exception of the bane of every such event...that guy.

And now, a helpful guide I like to call,

"How to know if you're that guy at a Q&A"

1) Do you already know the answer to the question you asked?

2) Should you have already known the answer to the question you asked, had you done your homework or been at all familiar with the subject? ("Brother From Another Planet - that was a satire, right?")

3) Did what you said not actually contain anything that could be construed as a question?

4) Was your question already addressed?

5) Is your motive to show off how observant/ well-educated/ elitist you are, to either the other members of the audience or the subject of the discussion?

6) Do you have a crippling speech impediment, perhaps worsened exponentially by speaking in front of large, unfriendly groups?

7) Does it not bother you to be creating awkward situations for several hundred people, including minor celebrities?

8) Will you continue to stand up and/or react verbally after your question is asked, and sometimes long after your turn is over?

9) Will you try to TALK OVER the subject of the discussion (because what you have to say is more important than whatever they might have to say, and because people should listen to you, not them)?

10) If you're off base or don't get the response you want, will you KEEP PRESSING INSISTENTLY?

11) Are you completely unfazed and not embarassed at all by any of the behavior previously mentioned?

12) Did you wear a bow-tie?

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