Thursday, November 8, 2007

Elderly Salesman Love!

The highlight of today was meeting one of our suppliers. He is consistently on-the-ball with quoting his specialties on every bid that needs 'em, and...he's sometimes right-er than we are when we looked at what was needed.

I finally got to meet him today. The supplier, in this case, is one person - which totally rules. He's this little 75 year old man, with a full white beard, who I found out actually now works out of his home. I had to call him last minute to get a ballpark quote on something (... within an hour, which is NOT COOL TO DO TO ANYONE), but he was very nice about it. Despite everything already being in, he came by today to go over what was needed and check the numbers he had given me against it. While doing that? He taught me a whoooooole bunch about his specialty. It was great!

I always like when people explain WHY we need certain specialties, what the equipment does, and especially what is standard vs. needs to be special in certain cases. I don't want to just do my work, I do (very idealistically and naively?) want to understand it. I bought some books on design of the systems we work with, but they've been untouched for awhile now. It's time to break back into them.

...after the film festival.

At this juncture, I would like to note:
I had lovely time yesterday in which to write my post - before a friend came OVER for the movie - but then, since I fell asleep DURING said movie - there was no postage, so to speak. I should have just wrapped it up and posted it as soon as I wrote it, but I have a horrible, horrible habit of writing 2/3 of a post, and then leaving it to finish "later." My blog is full of these not-quite-finished drafts. In fact, I realized I was doing it on this very next post, so now to kick my own butt, I am going to TOTALLY finish it.

I am not a sneaky cheaty backdater (I'm going for a post a day, and will do it, even if late), and if I win a prize (there are prizes?), I will do the honorable thing and turn it down. For the record.

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Suzanne said...

Isn't it great when you meet someone who enjoys what they do, and as a result, share a bunch of useful information?

That's awesome.