Saturday, November 3, 2007


Today, as promised, Wal and I took my parents and uncle disc golfing for the first time. My dad pwned by brute forcing (and amusingly tried the "hammer" throw, with disasterous results), and my uncle managed to get the technique quite quickly. My mom's distance was compromised by gingerness with regard to all things KNEES, but she improved a lot over the course. We went to one of our favorite courses (and it was dry!), had brilliant weather, and the course wasn't too crowded.

Afterward we took everyone to a totally awesome local deli for yummy sandwiches.


Also, Wal is rules at explaining things to people. I included a picture of him demonstrating.

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Lmarie said...

hmm ... my ex-boyfriend was also really into disc golf. You seem to be a really odd coincidence in my life.