Sunday, November 18, 2007

I fall down on what to say...something "clean?"

And now, because I all feel like doing is being ranty and then taking a nap, the second piece of the drawn out random-things-about-you meme.

2) Words cannot fully describe my hatred of showers. I can find nothing to actually like about the act of showering. I hate getting wet, I hate how long it takes, I hate how quickly some people can get through it all. I hate dripping on the floor, I hate the horrifying way skin peels off when toweling dry if I didn't exfoliate / shave legs, I hate the bloated feeling of wet skin, I hate the tight feeling of drying skin. I hate the feel of wet hair on my neck, I hate how long it takes my hair to dry, I hate blow drying my hair, I hate how my hair looks when I actively dry it.

In fact, I hate showering so much that I cannot be compelled to do it as often as is apparently considered necessary. I don't think I've ever had a consistent smelliness problem from body odor, and totally was fine with spot-cleaning (lol).

The hair poses an issue.

On the third day, the hair begins to get sketchy. During my prolonged depression in high school, I admit (On the internet! For all to see! Formerly admitted only to one friend and my sister, who teased me, obviously)... that I put some talcum powder in my hair to absorb the oilyness. It was a perversion of something I read in Seventeen, I believe, but the point is that ... at least I was planning to leave the house (not skip school) and that I actually thought about physical appearance at all. That was a pretty big thing at that point in my life.

Well, now you know. I have a cat to go snuggle.

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Lisa H. said...

I love the shower, but I'm not all about the hair thing either. I did the talcum powder thing too! Bumble and bumble makes this hair powder stuff that sprays on now, and it's supposed to be great.