Friday, November 30, 2007

Long November?

November has whizzed past, taking away my wonderful October weather and leaving winter instead.

I barely had time to sit down this month, it seems. I made no progress on my sort of on-going projects (getting my car title transferred, keeping the apartment up, among others). In fact, I actually ended the month with a bigger mess and more projects in front of me than when I began it. Sucks.

Work was absolutely chaotic, and I was without my boss for part of the time, which meant minimal discipline in our group and - even worse - no help on the tough calls (okay, delayed help).

NaBloPoMo was rather quickly pwned by the film festival, and work, and lack of internet. Our router has become, well, decidedly disagreeable, and we have both put several hours into it, with some progress (my session brought us back to having internet at all!) but are too frustrated to try again. Also, since Wal is not technically without internet any more, the situation has become less urgent to him, as you might imagine.

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