Monday, November 5, 2007


I was excited to discover that along with my long hours at this job came an hour-long lunch break (with flexible timing, no less!) At my last job, there was a gorgeous cafeteria and lots of people around, so I had a lot of options for what to do. Sometimes I read, sometimes I ate with friends, sometimes I ran errands, etc.

The first day at this job I brought a book (no one eats together in the office), but it became pretty evident what would happen if I ate there - I would not actually be getting a break. People still come in to work with me, I still get phone calls, and, well, it's hard to just SIT there and NOT work on things with DEADLINES.

I'm extraordinarily lucky enough to work less than 10 minutes from our apartment, so I've taken to heading home for my lunch hour. It started when we first got our kitty - she was so little and we were afraid she'd be lonely once Wal started working full time, too. I've gotten into a lunchtime habit, now, but it's not really what I had imagined. I thought I'd be getting little naps, that sort of thing, but I have actually *never* been so lucky (Thanks, Kinski!).

I've got the frozen diet lunches (which, some of them are pretty good. Maybe reviews eventually?), and while those are cooking, it's CLEANING TIME. I can do dishes in that 3 - 4 minutes, and when I'm done with lunch I clean the litterbox. Sometimes there's vacuuming, but recently all the extra time goes to the guinea pigs. Sometime I get to play with them, today was a cage-cleaning day.

There's some TV involved, which is sort of relaxing. Merv Griffin's Crosswords is pretty fun to play along with.

But now I've got to run, there are a lot of chips and hay on the floor in the pet corner...


Suzanne said...

The bright side of this is that you know when you get home, you can decompress, since you already did the cleaning.

sort-of grown-up said...

That's exactly the best part. The feelings of productivity the rest of the day are great, plus, then when Wal's home, I can enjoy the time with him and watch movies. : D

Lmarie said...

Your cafeteria sounds a lot like mine ... I love those frozen diet meals. They're actually remarkably good and pretty cheap.

Yeah, my family is really into Ticket to Ride right now. The general consensus is that it's more fun that Settlers of Catan (though I would tend to disagree). We play the regular version of Catan and also the Cities and Knights expansion set. I had a boyfriend who was really into games, so we've played a lot. We're also into Mexican Train Dominoes, if you've heard of that. Another of my ex-boyfriend's faves is Doge, a strategy game where you try to take over Venice through winning "elections." It's hard to explain, but I thought it was pretty easy to learn and fun. I only played once, though. What about you?

Walrus said...

I'll let Katie answer for herself on which ones she enjoys, but I bought YINSK, DVONN, Blockus, Puerto Rico (not yet played), Ingenious, Twixt and Hive recently. We've been playing them at occasional game nights (our nerdy version of parties, where we also watch movies and eat Indian food).