Monday, November 19, 2007


First, thank you to new blog friends for the tags! I'll be responding later in the week.


The direct result of hanging out with my sister, who for as far back as my long term memory goes has been obsessed with Third Eye Blind and passed a teeny percentage of the crazy to me...

The Meaningless 3eb Contest...with Prizes!

Every other day this week (Monday! Wednesday! Friday!) I will post three categories, of my own deluded creation, with an example.

You email me a list of the best or your favorite Third Eye Blind lyrics / songs for that criteria. They're not really proper trivia, because, hello, google. They're largely opinion based, and my awards will go to the most awesome. I by no means am THE authority on 3eb. Duh. My top five for each category will be posted when the contest ends, along with good stuff people submitted, for everyone to enjoy.

All participants get some sort of recognition, and winners for each category / big winners get actual prizes, which are yet to be determined. Email submissions by 10:00 p.m. on the next contest day to sortofgrownup @

1 ) "...what?" Lines
You know, the metaphor that Stephan took way too far, or that he never bothered to explain, leaving it contextless, or... whatever.
My example: "And my basketballs pelt me with bricks in my dreams" from An Ode to Maybe.

2) 3eb in TV and Movies.
Interpret it as loosely as you like.
My example: London and Graduate (appropriately enough) in "Can't Hardly Wait"

3) Best Mis-hearings of Lines
Before my sister takes this one, I better get it out there, since I'm the one who jacked it up anyway.
My example: "Sell your White Album for a buck" (Instead of "Sell your heart out for a buck") in Graduate.
Don't ask. No, don't ask. I know it doesn't even have the right number of syllables.

Well! Those are Monday's categories. GO GO GO! sortofgrownup (at)


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