Friday, November 2, 2007

Rambling and Rocky Horror

Future posts for NaBloPoMo will be more content-ful. In fact, even the post I eventually guiltily cheat and backdate to 11/1 will probably be better than this. (Someone mentioned it in passing on LJ yesterday, but I hadn't done my full blog run because I worked through lunch and brought work home (see belew, re: kicking my work's ass). Kim at Nothing Heavy posted about it, though, and I was convinced. So you see, I'm only sort of cheating by backdating one for yesterday. RATIONALIZATION!)

Today was a happy day at work for me:

1) the other guys did end up pitching in (it seemed questionable for awhile) and helping with my v. important project for Monday

2) but the deadline got extended anyway - more than two weeks!

3) and now I'm quite far along, because of all the ass I kicked yesterday working on it. My average time on a key (and daunting!!) task was 1/5 of the time my boss estimates for it. Which is good, because I got it done (!!!) in 10 hours, rather than ... well, 50?

4) THE TOMATO DANCE! Pictures are up. I look forward to the video. YAY SARS.

5) Lots of scheming and planning for this weekend. We are taking my parents disc-golfing (hee!), and then tomorrow, ROCKY HORROR!

Speaking of RHPS... I was thinking Meatloaf, but now that I rewatched Hot Patootie on YouTube, I remember that
a) I don't really like him,
b) his one song sucks,
c) the weird jacket thing? Not going to happen in 24 hours, and with my low motivation levels.

The positive aspects of the idea were:
a) warm,
b) going as a dude, which I enjoy - Hells yeah, NORM,
c) Steve* would get to be a legit part of costume.

Now I'm thinking I should just go as one of the random background dudes, because
a) Easy clothes
b) Some mean 3-D glasses that need wearing (woo, Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D!)

I might pull my shit together and make a vest, but maybe...not. Also, I've got to see about a hat.

*The affectionate name for my gut. You should try naming it. It's convenient. He shares the blame.

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