Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The storm, up which was cooked

Because of the chilly weather in the last week, I've been in the mood for potato soup. I did a random recipe online, although I should have worked harder to find the one I liked from last year. It wasn't spiffy enough to share, and I burnt the bacon and the soup itself in the first stage, making for quite the long evening. We redid both, and it ended up warm and pretty good. Quite a lot of dishes to clean up, though!! (It is so unlike me to leave the dishes overnight, especially with a cat as naughty as ours, but I was totally pooped out after the ordeal.)

Wal feels that fried wonton chips are an integral part of eating most Chinese food. He was ecstatic to find Trader Joes selling bagged wonton chips (for less than $2 a bag, I believe) - perfect. After the first bag, we'd stock up, multiple bags per occasional TJ trip. Horror of horrors, they stopped putting out the plain variety, leaving only the dreaded MUSTARD flavor.

Recently I looked online for how to make wonton chips, assuming there would be some elaborate frying involved, thinking I might do some for his birthday. Much to my surprise, these are decent and very easy to do. Using the olive-oil-flavored cooking spray is easy, compared to other recipes, which asked me to put on the oil with my fingers (which, thanks, but, that's kind of a messy pain). They're meant to go with other food, so we made a little jasmine rice, and Wal ate them up with sweet & sour sauce.

As a bonus, here is Kinski's naughtiest antic of the day: Wal left the guinea pig cage door open when he took the two boys out to play, and *someone* found her little way in there. She was quite proud of herself, let me tell you.

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Suzanne said...

The food looks scrumptious!

That begs for me to make some potato soup next week. Yum.