Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Sweater Soon Gone

One of the chores that Wal took on at the new apartment was laundry. I cannot thank him enough for this, of course, because any chore which involves leaving the apartment, no matter how small, may fall victim to one of my crises of motivation. He does a good job of it, and is quickly making up for me doing the majority of our laundry in college.

Wal recently picked out a cute argyle sweater from Target, which I totally approved of. (It was as totally nerdtastic as my the stuffed Gonzo muppet doll I have, especially when worn with gray cords. Yay!)

Unfortunately...I was tidying up and threw it into his laundry basket, and he put the contents of the basket directly in the wash. It did not occur to me, say, that he might have ended up purchasing a dry-clean only shirt, and since he took the tags off of it, I didn't get the second chance to look I normally would.

The results? See below, on Emily's wonderful doggy, Indigo.

Lucky timing having her over the day it happened! The fit is unbelievable, no? But he does still need some black plastic frame glasses.


Stepford Mom said...

I did the same thing a week or so ago. Lovely merino sweater my husband purchased ended up mixed in with a bunch of towels and now it fits my 12 year old. Heh at least someone can use it :)

Emily said...

woowoo indigo!!