Wednesday, November 21, 2007


First, the choices for Round I, and then the questions for Round II.
For all those wafflers out there, you don't have to answer every question, you don't have to play every round, and it doesn't have to be good. AND PRIZES WILL BE YOURS NONETHELESS.


Well, the hardcore have gotten their entries in for Monday's contest (I'm looking at you, fugly sister of mine), and here are the results.

1) "...what?" lines
I was expecting a better response on this one, considering how much crazy they usually have mixed in there. Maybe we can't understand it, so we assume it's okay? On many of these, yes, he's going for an extended metaphor, but... still.

--"Icarus is not a T-shirt or a swan song" in Blinded

--"Always copping my truths" in Losing a Whole Year

--"A sink full of dishes and some Aqualube" in Losing a Whole Year (from Kat)

--"Sleepin' on cots / wishin' that I had some tater tots" in Can't Get Away (from both Kat and La)

--"Send me all your vampires" in I Want You

--"I woke you up and slit the throat of your confidence" in Thanks A Lot (nothing like some violent imagery!)

--"The rise and fall of my sloppy love - the smatterings and splatterings - they'll get you" in Burning Man (I can guess what he might be referring to, but...eww.)

--"In the blowin' wind, no demons persecuted" in New Girl

--"If I could bottle my hopes in a store-bought scent / It'd be nutmeg-peach / and it'd pay the rent" in An Ode To Maybe, another good whole-song candidate (Emily and Kat)

--"I wish I met Lou Reed" - in Horror Show (from Kat). I disagree with this one on a technicality - it's not as random as it seems. It is a reference to the fact that Horror Show is a cover of Lou Reed's Heroin. Everyone should go download that now.

--Slow Motion (Ang) - Released on Blue as a gorgeous instrumental track (sometimes with the chorus), the lyrics are a little extreme. In honor of my wonderful sister, I will draw special attention to the line "My sister's eating paint chips again - maybe that's why she's insane." Go watch the You Tube video, and enjoy the enthusiastic off-key singing of the audience. Good work, girls.

--Red Summer Sun, as a whole, which I completely agree with. WTF, stephan? (from La)

--Camouflage - my pick for the whole-song-that-doesn't-make-sense category

Winner: A point to all for good picks. Kat had a lead with quantity but lost it by missing the 3eb / Heroin trivia. : D

2) 3eb in TV and Movies

--American Pie - New Girl and Semi-Charmed Life
--Me, Myself, and Irene - Deep inside of You
--Clockstoppers (hehehehe) - Never Let You Go
--Charmed soundtrack - Danger (awesome! I didn't know that!)
(more on their IMDB page)

Band members in movies (from La):
--'Stephan's uh... lovely... hair, and performance' in Rockstar
--Arion playing the drums in Matrix Reloaded

Winner: Emily for using IMDB and the internetz. : D

3) Best Mis-hearings of Lines
As I should have expected... this drew attention to the fact that I have been half-mumbling the wrong words to a bunch of these anyway. *oops*

--''She says she lives for munivation" in Semi-Charmed Life (from Kat). Bonus points for using a made-up word.

--"Turn my balls to sand" - rather than bones in Anything (from Kat). Awesome.

--" the sign of the leo, and we go once, but man you let your claws show" - rather than "the regal one" in Can't Get Away (from La) I think I had been mumbling "the weaker ones" - probably because of my intense awesomeness.

"Did you pour/ I love your store/ maybe i'll see you afterall" - rather than "did you pull out of your stall" in Burning Man (from La). Whoa. what? wtf does that mean?

--Emily tells the sad tale of a sketchy mp3 of Blinded - at the first chorus, it goes into a loop for another three minutes of "When I see you" over and over:
'I was all proud and downloaded "Blinded", burned it to CD, and proceeded to listen to it over and over... only to have you jump in the car with me and immediately notice that my version lacked verses and only contained chorus. Since I listened to it over and over again and learned and thought it was genuine version, I believe it fits for this category.' Does it ever. And if Kyle had gotten off his lazy butt to email in, he could have scored a point for the same incident. *WHAT A LOSER*

Winner: A tie between Emily (oh, it was so bad) and Kat. She really did sing the 'balls' line. You guys rule at life.


4) Lines you - or others - over-identified with.
Third Eye Blind seems to be a band that gets this a lot. Don't act like you didn't play Motorcycle Drive By on repeat.

To kick things off:
"I've never been so alone, and I've never been so alive" - Motorcycle Drive-By
"First we caffeinate, then incinerate!" - Burning Man (I hope everyone read yesterday's post)

5) Lines You Avoid Singing In Front of Your Mom
Or...whoever. I hope Ang sends in the one we used to quote a lot...

Kat already got the ball rolling with:
"A sink full of dishes and some Aqualube" - in Losing A Whole Year

6) An Easy One
Just send in your favorite song. Or, the one that used to be your favorite, but then you listened to it too many times, and now you're sick of it. Hell, send in your least favorite. I don't care. Rant or rave for bonus points.

Before everyone else says it:
Self-Righteous for crappiest. JESUS CHRIST.
"Come on! Take a dare!" Like, shut up, Vanessa.

Submissions to sortofgrownup(at), by Friday at 10.


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Heehee. I love it. :) hearts.


Lauren said...

OMG I always thought the line from Anything was "turn my walls to sand"... oops. But def not as bad as balls... I'm learning so much ;)