Monday, November 12, 2007

Where I spend my nonexistant time

The film festival is already becoming grueling, despite the fact that I do WANT to see these movies. There isn't any time to eat properly between them, let alone come home.

--Kinski bats in a dum-dum that she's commandeered, then hits a 180 and leaves--

Because I'm already exhausted and it's only Monday, here are a few of the blogs I read...when I get home before midnight.

For any new-comers, my boyfriend is a film buff (hence, the festival craziness), and he has a rad blog (The Film Walrus) about the movies he sees. It can be intimidating at first, so read his introduction and then try the Hall of Strangeness, which has mini-reviews, or use his tags to go by genre or...whatever you please.

The mothership: Tomato Nation. I know a certain ex-boyfriend surfed over her from LJ, but I will tell the story anyway, because I can. Let me just say, I was amused by how crappy things were and googled "bad kisser" or some such nonsense, and came up with hilarity that totally changed my life. Thanks, Sars!

Miss Snark has retired, unfortunately, as she was one of the first RSS feeds I was excited for. Check out this INDEX OF AWESOMENESS cataloguing her best work. (She's a literary agent who enjoyed pwning writers - and others - who needed it.)

And now, after 20 minutes of sitting, it's time to rush out again. Another installment at a later date, then.

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