Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feliz Navi-CARD

Here it is, less than two weeks before MY ONE DAY OFF WORK, and I'm not done with the gift-arranging.

I'm trying to be reasonable about my expectations and prioritize, at least a little. The first thing is the cards. Lyra and I got some cute ones at Target, Wal helped me doctor the Xmas mayhem a little and take a photo of the cat, I got them printed at Walgreens, and those mofos are out the door. At least, all the family ones are.

I decided that I will send both whole boxes of cards, and I will find the addresses of enough people to do so. I end up wanting to use the leftovers. I can't remember who I sent what, and I DO NOT want to repeat - too weird. I might as well send extra love out.

I'm doing it right this year, though. Everyone's addresses are being put in a spreadsheet, along with what card they got (I'm pretty sure we don't want to be the family who sends PET cards every year), what gift (so I have a jumping off point in the future), their birthdays, etc. It's not as tedious as I was expecting to be - probably because of the laptop.

The point is that even though I didn't have my shopping done in advance (although I'm maybe 40% finished), I'm putting in place a system to ease the pain next year.

...and maybe I won't miss as many birthdays this way.

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Walrus said...

The spreadsheet is a brilliant idea. All data should be represented by spreadsheets.