Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ironing to Katie: "FAIL"

I am not an ironing person. In fact, the only thing I actively like ironing is my nightgowns, because it makes the satin shiny.

I play it pretty fast and loose with the fabric care directions, too. Everyone told me not to iron my graduation gown, just hang it or maybe steam it. Well, you know what? YOUR GOWNS WERE ALL WRINKLY. YOU LOOKED DUMB IN YOUR PICTURES. (Not that the gowns themselves make you look particularly less dumb when they are not wrinkly.) I broke the rules, and no one melted anything.

I pretty much always rock my iron at 4/5 of the max heat, with steam. I don't own a lot of delicates - in fact, I will actively not purchase them, because of my intense laziness. However, I am sometimes given them as gifts.

Tonight I set about finally getting the wrinkles out of a fancy-ish black mesh top that my mom and sister had picked out. It's pretty fancy, as I said, so I was going to rock the steam on it - which is a lot nicer than I am to most things. As you may have gathered, I didn't really have a good idea of HOW careful I was supposed to be, because I let the iron touch, and instantly melted my shirt ... to the iron.

Now we have a fancy and rather expensive addition to our cat's toys.

The point is that I was as cavalier as possible with the ironing rules, and now it has beaten me back into submission.

Interesting sidenote: Wal and I were recently introduced to EXTREME IRONING thanks to an awesome calendar from one of his sisters.

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