Saturday, February 9, 2008

Deluxe Elite Ace NUMBER ONE

I spoke briefly about my new vacuum back in this post about my favorite cleaning products.

And now, the attention it deserves:

It's the Hoover DELUXE ELITE Rewind. Funny to me that they pitch the retractable cord in the name, because... that's actually turned out to be the worst feature.

I thought it would be totally awesome to have the retractable cord. No more tedious winding for me! It's not so much the feature's fault as it is the poor integration: the cord is pulled (very quickly) through an opening with sharp edges, which eats chunks out of the plastic insulation. I've only had the thing since May, and it's already got electrical tape covering a good portion of the cord.

Features which do not suck, and in fact, MAKE IT AWESOME:
1) The color. Duh. It's the sexy mid-life crisis car of vacuums.

2) Long enough cord to let me vacuum the entire apartment from one plug (!)

3) Canister/bagless. Oh, how I hate vacuum cleaner bags. I know I would be cutting them open all the time, thinking I sucked up an earring certain cats had batted under the furniture. I would also be going through those bad boys at a ridiculous rate, thanks to all the shavings from the guinea pigs' cage.

4)Decent upholstry brush. Very necessary now that cat hair is my major cleaning obstacle. It also has some crazy hand-powered roller brush tool, but I always forget to use it.

5) Good power/suction. I didn't really look at statistics or reviews to tell, but I suspected that if I got a decent model of a name brand, I would be okay - and that worked fine.

In conclusion: Yay. And you can get it cheaper than I got it if you get it from Amazon rather than Target.

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That is one very sexy vaccum, but I'm totally with you about retractable cords being way overrated. I had one on my last vaccum and it always ended up smacking me in the leg or taking a chunk out of my drywall when I pulled the plug. But I suppose that's what I get for being too lazy to wrap the cord in the first place. I never seem to have any problems while the vaccum is in use but by the time it's time to unplug I'm always all "Cannot POSSIBLY unplug AND wrap cord! Just. Too. TIRED."

Unrelated - Thanks for delurking for Ang on my blog. I stopped by her Xanga to say hi and let her know you totally ratted her out.