Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Use your head, silly!

Wal was upset to put in his library VHS rental of "It's a Gift," only to see snow on the TV. In the past he hasn't been pleased when he can't watch movies, so we set about trying to fix the problem ASAP.

We have a dual VCR/ DVD player, and there were no DVD problems.
Symptoms of VCR trouble:
Snow, no picture. Some images visible on FF, etc.
Audio fine.

I made him unplug the beast and take off the cover, only to find that the inside was not visibly dirty. Meanwhile I was researching on TEH INTERNETZ and diagnosed the issue as a clogged/dirty video head.

If I listened to eHow (which...I don't) I would have gone through a pretty intense cleaning process. Luckily I sought a second opinion and found this guy. His advice was to play a VHS for several hours, indicating that usually the problem fixes itself in this time. (Also, his site is totally THE place to go for DIY VCR stuff.)

He was totally right. Except for the "hours" part - it took all of five minutes. Awesome. Back to the movie* now.

*Oh, WC Fields. We would only watch you as the third-choice-of-the-night free library rental. Also, shut up.

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