Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Walrus and the ...

Now that we have our own place, our spirit creatures finally get a position of honor. They are rearranged every few months, or whenever our cat finds her way up, but they are always locked in eternal battle:


He's been collecting walruses since the very beginning - his childhood stuffed animal is a pink walrus. It was so well-loved that he chewed off the tusks. Aww.

He's still excited about them, probably because it's hard to be truly inundated with walrus shill. For examples of favorite-animal burn-out, see: anyone who ever liked ponies.

...and maybe also because my grandmother did not give him walrus-themed gifts. She very eloquently vanquished my sister's love of cows with, among other things, an obscenely tacky cookie jar of fancy cows waltzing.
I avoided the gifts from our grandma, so I don't have robot needlepoint pillows. (Emily did knit me a robot, but I assure you that it is fully awesome.) Last year my friends particularly fell into the theme gift trap. Let us just say that I received no less than THREE of these aprons.

It worked out okay, though - I gave two away to my tiny (since they are kid-size) and most-likely-to-wear-aprons friends, and the other one is hanging as shown. Most of my robo-duplicates, though, just end up on my desk at work.

Mostly, though, we are pretty sedate about our obsessions. He did name his blog Film Walrus (I offered to one-up him and write about movies as Film LOLrus. ...No?), and one friend came up with robot-related names for our prospective children - the kind that go unnoticed until you see their official records. I believe the contenders were Cy, Andy, and Rob.
Good thing we're not having kids.

I'll leave you all with some close-ups to enjoy.

Thanks to Nicole at The Days of My Life for bringing up her hippo obsession. ROCK!

See her post of 3/24/08 for the awesome.

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