Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Without him, life would be much grimmer.

There are many reasons to adore DietGirl, but above all of the normal ones, for me, is her use of especially great expressions.

I was especially pleased by her use of "smug git" in this post, which was the first time I've experienced anyone other than the cast of Red Dwarf.

And this reminded me that I have not yet told The Internet:

I have a hug crush on Ace Rimmer, medium for regular old Arnold. (Pictured: Crazy Rimmer. Not shown: Laser eyes "hex vision")

Go watch my favorite ep on Netflix Instant Watching. Many of the jokes are several layers of self-referential... but hopefully you'll like it, too.

For the unintiated:
Red Dwarf main site

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Love Holly in the gingham!

I don't want to insult, but smeg off was our hurled insult for a very long time!

Love Red Dwarf!