Saturday, May 17, 2008

As if we needed to make our DVD collection cooler. --scoff--

Two weeks ago I finally did it-- talked Wal into letting me sort our DVD collection by spine color, a.k.a:


He basically allowed me to do it on the promise that it would look awesome, but also because realistically, it's more common for friends to browse the collection, rather than us trying to locate specific DVDs. (Certain boyfriends have rather strict policies regarding rewatching. He's no Kael, though : D)
At any rate, here are the results. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. The black background ones are sorted by font color, but I tried to go for other similarities, too. It could probably stand some swapping by someone with superior color sense, so feel free to come over and play with it.

Also relating to our DVD collection: Libra has served us pretty well so far for tracking. (Thanks to Unclutterer, FAVORITE BLOG EVER OMG for the rec.) I like the interface and sorts/filters, and also the convenience of not having to enter everything into Excel.
Best of all? Let's us easily track lending. This is key, since obviously I must know the location of my copy of Robot Monster at all times. (Trailer)

In case you want to skip ahead to the wooden computer spewing bubbles and the prehistoric lizard/ alligator? / claymation dinosaur battle:


Walrus said...

I'm probably still going to post about the DVD color sorting, too. I might borrow your pictures.

Great Robot Monster clip-dropping.

Bri said...

Um, ok, I have one small suggestion. Since there are so many black spined movies, you could put a few black ones in between each color to make the colors pop and reduce the large number at the end. Oh, and I'm stealing this idea by the way. ;)