Sunday, May 4, 2008

One half of one drawer down: The sock purge

Sometimes getting little things under control is all I can manage, but then the small victory makes me feel better about beginning the bigger tasks.

We rearrange the furniture and I've been trying to get rid of the clothes and stuff around the house we're not using. We've got our FreeCycle standby guy -- he lives close by and is happy to sift through boxes of random stuff, passing on what he can't use. While cleaning out drawers, I was sad to see how pathetic Wal's sock drawer was.

And I undertook:

The Sock Purge and Restocking

He's got a bunch of dressy socks that don't match any pants, any shoes, or even each other. His athletic socks are stretched and worn in the heels. Worst of all, the drawer was overflowing, but he still never seemed to have enough of the ones he wanted to wear.

I cleared out all the trouble-makers. Using my sneaky girlfriend method, I merely moved them rather than pitching them right away* -- just in case he happened to notice something special missing. With those moved out of the drawer, I STOCKED up. For work socks, he got 9 new pairs, to add to the ones that were passable. Athletic socks, he now has ankle socks (No more scrunched down big white socks!) with padding and elasticity - a novel idea.

I left his favorites of the very soft socks in silly colors. If I hadn't, there would have been an uproar.

See the results of my hard work below.

There's still a lot to do around the apartment, but this half of this drawer is lookin' fine.

See also this Unclutterer article on Sock Purges.

* He did actually become a little irritated at me for getting rid of "perfectly good" socks. I tried my best to explain that 1) these aren't good, functionally, and that 2) they were ones that he didn't like either.

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