Sunday, August 24, 2008

In Which Angie Saves My Car

I was pretty devastated when the radio in my car died. The radio breaking seems like the harbringer of doom -- coming right before the AC goes, and you're in a proper jalopy.

I was feeling pretty glum about it. After all, this is a car which decided in its second year with me that it no longer would... provide the option of driving in reverse.

Luckily I happened to be complaining about the ghett-i-tude of the radio whilst hanging out with one of my friends. She explained that the same thing had happened to her car, and that it was a quick fix to change the fuse.

Sure, my dad had told me to check the fuse, but it had been six weeks, and I still hadn't done so. (Despite being a productivity hobbyist, I still have a knack for putting off things that are non-urgent, unpleasant, and sometimes vague. That penny is STILL stuck in my cigarette lighter from five years ago. No, really.)

Although she quickly located the fuses and the map, it was indecipherable -- more than half of fuses were labeled merely with a symbol meaning "non-standard."

Google to the rescue. We found our fuse, despite their silly symbols.

Once I knew what I needed, a quick run to AutoZone brought the music back.

Which is good. Because in the mean time? I decided that I should entertain myself by singing, which interestingly is less fun when you discover that you do not, in fact, know all the words to your favorite songs, and keep getting lost forever in the first verse.

It's over now, at least. Although I do have all of "Loose lips" finally down pat. As if that's something to be proud of.

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