Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best seat in the house

Last week I visited my sister and had a blast. ...and despite my promises to everyone (her included), we were a little productive.
Apparently my dad egged her on to get a new toilet seat. The paint was chipped on the other one, and that's groddy and all, but it's not like they have exactly matching ones easily available. At any rate, it was ordered and ready to go, and I totally expected this to be a 5 second switch, except for:

1)The plastic bolts and nuts kind of melded together
2) I forgot how the little tabs open to let you screw/unscrew the bolt (so...we had to hold the bolt from the bottom. With vise grips.)
3) I managed to confuse myself and screw my side on tighter, because I was using my left hand instead of right, as usual. (...oops)
4) The new nuts totally have one tab that is longer than the others - so long that it bangs into the toilet when you try to screw it on.

We prevailed despite all that, although it took a little longer than one would hope, and the color match is actually quite good. My sister notified several of her friends of the new addition and managed to use it as a selling point for them coming by.



Elaine said...

Yay to new toilet seat!

btw, Katie, you look fabulous.

Jamie said...

hahaha yay!

I would have called my boyfriend or dad to do it. You guys are awesome!

Lauren said...

Two engineers, two vice grips, and 20 minutes later... you know, I think we found the more interesting way to do it! I'm glad we didn't end up going with the "well, we could just break the bolts" method :D Maybe wearing my WU shirt instead of BU would have helped things ;)

ALSO I am a big fan of the productivity that did occur. My butt is happier on that toilet seat, and oh look, my desktop computer is functional again!Thanks for the help man!

I'm so glad you came to visit, and not just because you fixed things :)