Friday, November 7, 2008

It is SO over, Forbes.

See my last post, and admit to yourself that you are tired of some of yours, too.

Magazines I have subscribed to, but eventually tired of:

As a kid:
American Girl, Girl, Jump

As a teen:
Seventeen, Spin, YM

As an angsty teen/college student:
Bust, Bitch, Found, Ready Made
(Sometimes you can agree with the sentiment and still get totally sick of the same old crap. I hate you a little now, Bust.)

As a nerd:
Discover, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Science, SWE & ASME (technically, these have always been procrastinated and guilt-inducing)

More recently:
Cosmopolitan, Forbes (kill me!), Glamour, Self, Shape, Wired
I hated Wired with a passion by the second issue. I cancelled even though they wouldn't give me my credit back. Totally worth it to not have to look at it, though.

It goes without saying that I did at one point but never SHOULD have accepted the free Entertainment Weekly offer from Best Buy. Gag.

And, the magazine I swapped out for in the last batch of free crap:
Smart Money.

About three issues in, I'm still into it.


Lauren said...

Wow I totally agree. I went through a year or two of each of those science mags too... all interesting for a while and then.. nuttin. Same with the marie claire/glamour/cosmo/etc.
The only one that's kept my interest long-term is lucky.. it's the evilness of a catalog in a magazine... no articles, only stuff to buy. But it's always new and ridiculous. Don't we all need to know the 20 cutest pairs of fuzzy boots for the winter??

jamie said...

This made me think of what I subscribed too when I was a kid/teen.

Bop and Teen Beat

There were JTT and Leo DiCaprio pictures ripped out taped all over my wall. Too funny.