Sunday, November 2, 2008

KEEP OUT! (Movie spending habits)

Unclutterer and Clean House keep telling me, to keep everything neat...

You have to not bring more crap home in the first place.

I get it, but it is still really hard. I deliberately keep away from garage sales, because it's especially tempting to bring home cool crap that is also very cheap. But we are working at it.

One of the big areas where we are working on this...


We have a big movie collection, but we don't have space (or money) to grow it infinitely. Wal does get to buy movies on a regular basis. He's given himself a weekly allowance and gets very excited about his purchases.

The trick is that he considers beforehand - along with the price - if it is a movie he will want as a part of his collection, to lend to others and rewatch, or if it is unavailable by any other means. Items that don't fit that criteria go on the Netflix queue, rather than the To Buy/Wishlist.

The choosiness upfront leaves us with an elitist and totally awesome collection.
...with the exception of my movies. : D

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