Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet me in... a legitimately sized city

Sometimes St. Louis can really frustrate me.

I get fed up of there not being exciting new places to go and things to do, and tired of running into people I know so frequently. It's a little ... claustrophobic.

Lots of people don't feel that way about it, but this is the only place I have ever lived, AND I stayed here for college, and now we've had almost two years of settled in adult time.

Today I was telling a friend how I had done everything, and perhaps a bad decision, decided to try to elaborate on what "everything" was.

And so, roughly categorized:

The Touristy
THE ARCH (and its museum, complete with scary mannequins and buffalo poop)
Six Flags Over Mid-America* (including Fright Fest, of course)
Meramec Caverns
Lemp Mansion (Dinner and tour), Bissell Mansion (Murder mystery dinner)
Forest Park* (including ice skating at Steinberg)
The St. Louis Zoo *(including Snooze at the Zoo, Boo at the Zoo, and working with the Primate keepers for my senior design project)
The Art Museum
City Museum (so! many! times!, but MonstroCity and going at night is still cool)
Science Center*
Botanical Gardens* (incl. Chinese new year, which is awesome, and the Whitaker Music Festival of jazz crap, which is not)
The Muny
Cardinals Baseball Games (at both stadiums)
Blues Hockey Games*
The ("Fabulous") Fox* (Including seeing The Princess Bride and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid free there)
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

The "Local"
Farmers Markets (Soulard, Schlafly's)
Queeny Park, Shaw Park, Wilmore Park!
Dog Museum at Queeny Park
Laumeier Park* (incl. working at their art camps)
Kemper Art Museum (at WashU)
Turtle Park
The Magic House
Grant's Farm
Transportation Museum
Museum of Natural History (Jefferson Memorial)
Art Loft Theatre
The Rep
Sky-View Drive-In* (in IL)
Old Courthouse, old cathedral, other old buildings and crap...
Mini-Medical School
Junior Academy of Science events (dissections and tours galore)
Branson/ Silver Dollar City (note that these are neither cool nor actually in St. Louis)
Kimswick (same note as above)
Opera (I admit it, I can't tell you where)

The Festivals
Taste of St. Louis
Shakespeare in the Park
VP Fair/ Fair St. Louis (incl. Live on the Landing concerts)
Watching fireworks over the river from a high-rise downtown
Other concerts at Mississippi Nights, the Pageant, Kiel/Savvis Center, Riverport/UMB Bank Pavillion, Pop's, the Creepy Crawl
The Great Forest Park Balloon Race/ Balloon Glow
Festival of Nations (in Tower Grove)
St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton

The Filler When You've Done the Crap Above
Sky Zone
"Big Future" (sadly out of business, but not before I had a birthday party there!)
Lock-ins/ events at the YMCA and Rec-Plex

The Outdoors
Disc Golf*: White Birch, Schroeder Park, Sioux Passage, Creve Coeur, Jefferson Barracks, Endicott, Quail Ridge
Katy Trail
Float Trips (Black River, Meramec River)
Picnics with friends and water balloons at the pavillions in the parks
Picking (of the apple/pumpkin/peach variety) at Eckert's
Elephant Rock State Park
Johnson Shut-Ins
Fishing with my dad, and with my 4th grade class (couldn't tell you where)
TROUT LODGE, a.k.a Camp Lakewood (I got to experience it as both, lucky me)

The Film Crap*
St. Louis Internation Film Festival (yay! yay!)
St. Louis Filmmaker's Showcase
Italian Film Festival
African Film Festival
Strange Brew at Schlafly's
Hi-Pointe Theatre
Moolah (...but not on the leather couches, because I am never early anywhere)
Tivoli *(including RHPS and other awesome (and...less awesome) midnight movies)
Participated in a student film (extra points for being obscure and arty, obviously)

The Hip (?) Neighborhoods
The U-City Loop* (gag, gag.)
"Downtown" Clayton
Washington/ Wash Ave
The (Laclede's) Landing
Central West End
South Grand
Maplewood (now that it is cool again...)
Chesterfield Valley (really more bougeoise than hip)

The Edible
Imo's (and Cecil Whitaker's - especially after soccer games)
The Hill
"Chinatown" (a.k.a. Olive Blvd) and asian markets
Diners (Tiffany's, Eat-Rite, Courtesy (both of them), Chris's, Uncle Bill's)
Frozen Custard/Concretes: Ted Drewe's, Fritz's, Mr. Wizards
Lubeley's, Gooey Louie, or other places for Gooey Butter Cake
(These are the more iconic that came to mind. We have the complete list in a spreadsheet, to be described and provided in a future post, for dissection.)

The Categorically Uncool
Garage Sale-ing
Assorted harmless troublemaking in my youth (chalking)
Watching fireworks from the Target parking lot
Hanging out at DEAL$, Dollar Tree, and toy stores with clearance sales, for the ridiculous
Disney Princesses on Ice (technically an event at Savvis, but I think everyone will agree it belongs here)
Riding the Metrolink the whole way
The Inappropriate, including Dr. John's, and Jay's, way the hell out on 44.
Christmas lights at Tillis Park
Scavenger Hunts
Math Contests (of various sorts) at community colleges
Cooking classes at Dierbergs
Bob Kramer's Marionette's (yeah, it's on this list)


Suzanne said...

St. Louis is on the list of places to visit. Mainly for the gastronomical delights.

As a native, it may sound boring, but to someone who isn't local, there is a ton to do!

Suzanne said...

Shall I presume that you're in NaBloPoMo again? You're 3 for 3 in November. Personally, I love seeing Kate posts!

sort-of grown-up said...

Thanks : D

I didn't want to officially commit yet, because I will be assaulted by the film festival in mid-november again this year.

I'm thinking about it, at any rate. And I heard Ning wasn't letting us do friends and all that properly?

Patrick said...

As a non-native but fourth-year local college student, I've experienced a surprising number of these things, but there are still a handful I'd like to pursue.

Honestly, though, I have to ask if other cities would serve you all that much better. I covered Vienna like mad in five months (although that is roughly the same size and I had no job, etc.).

I think St. Louis is fine, and sure, other cities might be cooler, but does this mean it's time for you to leave?

Walrus said...

Lot of memories! I will definitely miss St. Louis when we get around to moving on.